METAC’s resources are available for diagnostic work to identify and design measures needed to strengthen specific aspects of economic and financial governance; preparing detailed implementation plans based on the diagnostic work conducted by TA departments at IMF Headquarters; reviewing proposals or assessments by governments and other donors for consistency with internationally agreed standards, and coordinating activities with other TA providers; providing policy and technical advice either by the Center’s own advisers or by consultants hired by METAC; and organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and dissemination of best practices.

Central Bank Accounting (Ceased in October 2009)

  • Reviewing current practices and assisting central banks to develop their accounting systems, procedures, policies, and controls;
  • Assisting in upgrading accounting systems to integrate financial management information systems;
  • Providing advice on the improvement of financial and management reports in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards; and
  • Assisting with the development of the Internal Audit function.