METAC’s resources are available for diagnostic work to identify and design measures needed to strengthen specific aspects of economic and financial governance; preparing detailed implementation plans based on the diagnostic work conducted by TA departments at IMF Headquarters; reviewing proposals or assessments by governments and other donors for consistency with internationally agreed standards, and coordinating activities with other TA providers; providing policy and technical advice either by the Center’s own advisers or by consultants hired by METAC; and organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and dissemination of best practices.

Banking Supervision

METAC supports Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) strengthen and build up the capacity of its banking supervision department staff by providing workshops, seminars, and training on Bank’s Licensing, Risk Management, On-site inspection and Off-site supervision.

Revenue Administration

METAC provides TA on the implementation of revenue administration reforms as a complement to long term technical assistance from other donors. The strategy for these reforms was formulated by a tax policy and administration mission in May 2006, in consultation with the authorities donors. USAID, DFID, the World Bank, and the EU provide considerable TA in revenue administration particularly in customs.

Multisector Statistics

METAC is currently providing technical assistance and training on price statistics. METAC’s assistance to Da Afghanistan Bank in balance of payments statistics complement IMF headquarters ongoing technical assistance. USAID is a major technical assistance provider to Afghanistan in statistics.

Central Bank Accounting (Ceased in October 2009)

METAC undertook an evaluation of the accounting systems and internal controls of the Central Bank of Afghanistan (DAB). Based on this, METAC provided assistance to evaluate internal controls and suggest an action plan. DAB will receive two International Experts to work in the Accounting and Internal Audit areas as part of the World Bank Financial Sector Strengthening Project (FSSP) project. In the METAC review mission, all the outstanding accounting and internal audit tasks were identified so that they could be included in the terms of reference of these International Experts.