METAC’s resources are available for diagnostic work to identify and design measures needed to strengthen specific aspects of economic and financial governance; preparing detailed implementation plans based on the diagnostic work conducted by TA departments at IMF Headquarters; reviewing proposals or assessments by governments and other donors for consistency with internationally agreed standards, and coordinating activities with other TA providers; providing policy and technical advice either by the Center’s own advisers or by consultants hired by METAC; and organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and dissemination of best practices.

Public Financial Management

METAC is helping the Egyptian authorities to rationalize its cash management system through the establishment of a “Treasury Single Account” (TSA) at the central bank. METAC assisted the authorities with developing a strategy for the reform, and USAID provided assistance in implementing it. Besides the TSA project, METAC assisted the Ministry of Finance in the development of a revised budget classification based on the IMF’s Government Financial Statistics Manual (GFSM) 2001. The IMF also supported the development of a macrofiscal unit and improved fiscal reporting with the placement of a resident advisor in Egypt. The World Bank conducted a public expenditure review, which focused on specific areas of the government sector. In 2009, the IMF also plans to have a resident advisor on Treasury reform (TSA, cash management, and accounting reforms). METAC will likely be involved in some TA on fiscal decentralization after an FAD mission in April 2009.

Revenue Administration

METAC worked closely with IMF headquarters to support the integration of the tax departments and with the implementation of new income tax legislation. METAC participated in the design of the Large Taxpayer Office (LTO) concept (which was inaugurated in September 2005), the first phase of the tax administration reform, working closely with the consultants commissioned to develop the concept. Assistance was also provided on the introduction of self-assessment principles for income tax. METAC plans to provide further assistance on the integration of the tax departments, review LTO operations, support the establishment of the pilot MTO, and audit (self-assessment) in coordination with (USAID funded) consultants supporting the implementation of the IMF headquarters designed reform strategy.

Multisector Statistics

METAC is assisting the Ministry of Investment in implementing a survey of foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises, and to the Central Bank of Egypt in balance of payments statistics. Furthermore, assistance has been provided in the past to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in consumer price and producer price statistics